Commercial Contractor

Commercial Contractor Practice Test

Brand new Commercial Contractors Practice exam developed by PSI to closely follow the content outlines for Commercial Contractor tests. This practice test contains the type of items commonly found on the PSI licensure test. There are 112 items on this test to provide great coverage across all common topic groups.

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Topic areas covered on the practice test:

  • Concrete
  • Doors Windows and Glazing
  • Financial, Project and Business Management
  • Finishes
  • General Code, Construction Knowledge and Estimating
  • Masonry
  • Metals
  • Safety
  • Site Constructions
  • Thermal and Moisture Protection
  • Wood Foundations and Framing


NASCLA Practice Test

PSI has just created a brand new NASCLA practice test developed to closely follow the content outlines for the NASCLA tests delivered by PSI.  This practice test contains the type of items commonly found on the PSI licensure test.

If you want to get your General Contractor license, your Residential Contractor license, or your Residential Light Commercial license, passing the NASCLA test is required in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia,  Louisiana, Mississippi,  Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The NASCLA test is the one contractor test you can pass to be qualified in multiple states.

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Virginia Contractors

Virginia Contractors Practice Tests

Prepare for the PSI Virginia Contractors Licensing test. All practice tests challenge test takers with 24 questions that cover content common on the Virginia high stakes tests. These practice tests are completely web-based so there’s no software to load and it’s accessible anywhere you have a computer and Internet connection. This test is perfect for anyone taking the Virginia (Class A or B) test. Start preparing for your high stakes test today!
PSI offers practice tests for the following licenses:

Dewalt Contractor Test Preparation

DEWALT®Contractor Test Preparation

Gain instant access to licensing test preparation specifically created for building trades professionals. Purchase a test preparation online course today and be prepared to pass your test the first time. The following test preparation materials are offered :

Each course contains: