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Our online New York real estate school is convenient and cost effective

Mbition contains everything needed to satisfy New York’s state requirement for pre-licensing education for a real estate salesperson to qualify to take the state licensing exam. CE courses are also available. As a comprehensive and affordable New York real estate school online, we invite you to start your successful career in real estate with Mbition.

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Accident and Health Insurance Agent/Broker

The Accident and Health Insurance Agent/Broker Practice Exams are based on the national examination content outline.

Accident and Health Insurance Agent/Broker Practice Exam (50 items)

Our standard option is a 50-item, single attempt practice exam. Upon completion, you’ll see a report indicating how you did on each question. Buy now for $27.99. (Spanish version also available)

NEW – Accident and Health Insurance Agent/Broker premium practice Exam (130 items)

PSI is pleased to offer you more choice for your preparation needs regarding the National Portion of our Accident and Health Insurance Agent/Broker exam. Our Premium Practice Test boasts a pool of 130 items with unlimited attempts for 90 days. With this test, you may choose to practice in “Training Mode” or “Testing Mode”.

In Testing Mode, you will activate 70 items from the pool and a timer of 120 minutes to help familiarize you with the timing of the actual licensing test. You can practice multiple times and see a new set of questions every time (once you have seen most of the 130 items, you will see some repetition).

In Training Mode, there is no timer, and you will see rationale/tutorial language for every question to help you understand the correct response.

Regardless of which mode you choose, you’ll have access to great feedback reports for every attempt. Not only will you see your results for each question, but you can see everything broken down by topics and sub-topics similar to the outline of the licensing exam. This will help you get a feel for areas of strength along with topics that may need additional attention.

Our 130-item Premium Practice test is available to buy now for $44.95.

  • Practice Exam Overview

    PSI practice exams are based on the exam content outline defined for each examination. The practice exams covers content common on the high stakes exams delivered by PSI.

    All practice exams provide detailed score reports and a question by question breakdown analysis of your responses against the correct answer. samplescorereport


    All practice exams are completely web-based so there’s no software to load and it’s accessible anywhere you have a computer and Internet connection. Tests are available to be taken immediately or can be purchased and taken at a later date.

    See sample question and question by question analysis of your responses.sampleptquestion

    Each purchased test key allows you one attempt at the practice test.

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