Mbition Real Estate Prelicensing

Mbition makes it easy to become a real estate agent!

Save 10% on all Mbition courses. We’ve partnered with Mbition, the industry-leading resource for online education for real estate professionals.

With more than 600,000 alumni and 25 years of experience, Mbition is a trusted education provider. Affordable and convenient online courses are 100% state-approved and compatible on both Apple and Android devices.  Save 10% with Mbition on your real estate education.

Mbition courses are:

  • Self-paced
  • Cost-effective
  • Available 24/7
  • 100% state-approved
  • Specially designed to maximize retention
  • Compatible with any device

Save 10% on Mbition courses today. They offer everything you need to complete your real estate license education. Take your courses when it’s convenient for your busy schedule.

Your new career is just around the corner! Choose online education with Mbition and take control of your future today.

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Real Estate Salesperson & Broker Practice Tests

PSI is pleased to offer you more choice for your preparation needs regarding the National Portion of our Real Estate Salesperson practice tests.

  • Our standard option is an 80-item, single attempt practice test. Upon completion, you’ll see a report indicating how you did on each question. This sells for $23.95.
  • New from PSI – Our premium practice test boasts a pool of 500 items with unlimited attempts for 90 days. With this test, you may choose to practice in “Training Mode” or “Testing Mode”.
    • In Testing Mode, you will activate 80 items from the pool and a timer of 120 minutes to help familiarize you with the timing of the actual licensing test. You can practice multiple times and see a new set of questions every time (once you have seen most of the 500 items, you will see some repetition).
    • In Training Mode, there is no timer, and you will see rationale/tutorial language for every question to help you understand the correct response.
    • Regardless of which mode you choose, you’ll have access to great feedback reports for every attempt. Not only will you see your results for each question, but you can see everything broken down by topics and sub-topics similar to the outline of the licensing test. This will help you get a feel for areas of strength along with topics that may need additional attention. Our 500-item premium practice test sells for $49.95.

Topics in the practice tests include:

  • Contracts
  • Financing
  • General Principles of Agency
  • Land Use Controls and Regulations
  • Mandated Disclosures
  • Practice of Real Estate
  • Property Ownership
  • Real Estate Calculations
  • Specialty Areas
  • Transfer of Title
  • Valuation and Market Analysis

Many practice tests provide detailed score reports and a question by question breakdown analysis of your responses against the correct answer.  All practice tests are completely web-based so there’s no software to load and it’s accessible anywhere you have a computer and Internet connection. Practice tests are available to be taken immediately or can be purchased and taken at a later date.

The CE Shop

The CE Shop offers online courses in pre-licensing, post-licensing and continuing education for your real estate career.

We get it, taking courses isn’t always at the top of the list. But to us it’s more than a course, more than a requirement – it’s your livelihood. Ensuring that you have the knowledge to succeed is a challenge that we don’t take lightly. We constantly strive to grow, to do better, and to be better. Not for us, but for you.

When you take a course with The CE Shop you are making a choice to learn, grow and build your business. Trusting us with this journey is the greatest compliment you could ever offer and we are excited to be along for the ride.

Real Estate Education Every Step of the Way

Why are we right for you?

We are driven by our core values.

  • We are customer focused
  • We respect each other
  • We do what we say
  • We are committed to improving
  • We have fun
  • We give back

Learn more about our core values here.

More Reasons to Choose The CE Shop?

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