Colorado Continuing Education

Complete Colorado Continuing Education Requirements From the Comfort Of Your Home

To keep your Colorado Real Estate license active, you will need to complete 24 hours of continued education courses within 3 years of the date that your license was received.

You must fulfill the following requirements:

  • A licensee can meet the continuing education requirements by:
      1. A One-Time Requirement of completing a Fingerprint-based criminal history record check
      2. Passing the state portion of the broker licensing examination during your renewal cycle, OR
      3. Effective April 1st, 2006, each active licensed broker must complete the “Annual Commission Update” course twice during each license period, plus electives for a total of 24 hours of CE during your renewal cycle. A licensee may not take the same version of the Update Course more than once during each license period. The update course may only be taken from schools approved by the Division of Private Occupational Schools or colleges and universities. If the Update Course is taken three times during a license period, the licensee will receive elective credit hours for the third course, OR
      4. Completing the 24-hour “Brokerage Administration” course (if not previously taken for CE credit) during your renewal cycle, OR
      5. Completing the 24-hour “Broker Transition” course (if not previously taken for CE credit) during your renewal cycle, OR
      6. Completing 72 total hours in the Colorado Contracts & Regulations course (48-hrs) AND Real Estate Closings (24-hrs) during your renewal cycle.
    • Maximum of 8 hours of credit may be earned per day
    • No credit may be given for the same course more than once per calendar year
    • Hours in excess of 24 may not be carried forward into the next license period
    • The Commission Update Course requires a written test (70% score min.)
    • Elective courses may or may not be tested at the discretion of the provider

Course Providers

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