Commercial Contractor Practice Exam

Commercial Contractor Practice Exam

Brand new Commercial Contractors Practice exam developed by PSI to closely follow the content outlines for Commercial Contractor Exams. This practice test contains the type of items commonly found on the PSI licensure exam. There are 112 items on this test to provide great coverage across all common topic groups. Now available for $24.95.

Topic areas in this exam:

  • Concrete
  • Doors Windows and Glazing
  • Financial, Project and Business Management
  • Finishes
  • General Code, Construction Knowledge and Estimating
  • Masonry
  • Metals
  • Safety
  • Site Constructions
  • Thermal and Moisture Proctection
  • Wood Foundations and Framing

Practice Exams Overview

  • Practice Exam Overview

    PSI practice exams are based on the exam content outline defined for each examination. The practice exams covers content common on the high stakes exams delivered by PSI.

    All practice exams provide detailed score reports and a question by question breakdown analysis of your responses against the correct answer. samplescorereport


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